Stop Privilege Abuse. Prevent Data Breaches.
Our integrated privileged access management platform gives you comprehensive visibility and control over the passwords, endpoints and servers standing between attackers and your critical data.
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PowerBroker – Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Comprehensive, integrated privileged access management solutions that provide visibility and control over all privileged accounts and users in your environment.


  • Privileged Password Management
  • Privilege Management for: Windows, Unix/Linux, Sudo, Mac
  • Active Directory Bridging
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Retina – Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management solutions that reveal risks in the proper context and enable smarter decision making with unmatched reporting, scalability and coverage.


  • Enterprise Vulnerability Management
  • Network Security Scanning
  • Cloud-Based Vulnerability Assessment
  • Web Security Scanning and Protection
  • Endpoint Protection / Local Assessment
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Enterprise Password Management

Gain visibility and control over privileged credentials – as well the systems they’re designed to protect.

Least Privilege Management

Enforce least privilege on Windows and Mac endpoints without compromising productivity or security.

Server Privilege Management

Control administrator / root, reduce risk, and achieve compliance on Windows, Unix and Linux servers.

Vulnerability Management

Intelligently reduce system vulnerability.

Windows Auditing

Audit and roll back Active Directory changes; enforce entitlements across Windows infrastructure; and achieve compliance faster than with native tools.

Cloud Security

Gain seamless visibility and security across cloud, virtual, and on-premise environments.

Identity & Access Management

Maintain control over all privileged and non-privileged accounts.

Password Safe Spotlight

Password Management Software

Session Management

SSH Key Management

Application Password Management

Advanced Workflow Control

Rules and Asset Groupings

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